Quotes by Anandmurti Gurumaa

g maa

हर सांस को देख, हर बार नाम ले.
Life is a blessing. Our body is a vehicle to move on the path of evolvement. Do not abuse body with drugs, over eating and slumber. Be a yogi.
Do not allow negative thoughts to be resident of your mind, you will loose peace of mind and physical health.
ये ही है इबादत अपनी, ये ही है मोहब्बत अपनी,

कि उनका नाम आये लब पर और गर्दन झुक गयी अपनी.

People have so many masks on their faces. It is hard to see their original face. Although one has to see ones own real face first!
Thoughts are like clouds. Watch them with dispassion and it becomes a wondrous experience.
Create serenity of forest in your mind. Then samsara will become an ashram for you. Be alone, be quiet, be conscious.
Be a creative person. Create love, beauty and laughter around you. Do not wait for great things to happen to you – create great things.
Life is more important than anything in the world. So relish it, cherish it and celebrate it. Be Conscious. Be loving and be original.
Smile like flowers and give fragrance to one and all. In one is all.
Enjoying success is easy but enjoying failure requires wisdom.
Human body is very precious. Respect it and learn how to use it properly. As once health and life is lost, it can never be brought back.
मैं और मेरा प्यारा एक ही बस्ती में बसते हैं,

किस्मत की खूबी देखो कि मिलने को तरसते हैं.

जीवन को समझ लो इसके पहले की जीवन खतम हो जाए.
Can you be the coolest person on the earth? Then be cool.
तुम्हें दुःख वही देते हैं जो सुख देते हैं.
वीर बनो – अपनी कमजोरियों की कमर तोड़ दो.
समय गलत तो बुद्धि गलत, बुद्धि गलत तो समय भी गलत.
शरीर न अमर है, न हो सकेगा. सो डर मत.
सब सगे, संबंधी और मित्र तो मेला हैं. कुछ तेरा नहीं.
जीवन झूठ ! मरना सच !
मानव तन एक पूँजी है, बहुत संभालिये इसको.
किस पल में क्या हो जाये, कोई नहीं जानता !
रब दी है मेहर – बाकि कोई फिकर होवे क्यूँ…
मेरे सर पे साहिब है – मुझे कैसी फिकर !
सुख के आने पर खुश मत होना – दुख उसी के पीछे खड़ा है.
संसार में अपने ही पीड़ा देते हैं गैर नहीं.
ज़िन्दगी का सच यही है कि मौत सर पे खड़ी है.
गुस्सा आ रहा है ? Go to roof-top और चीखो जोर से…सब निकाल दो बाहर !
जितने अनुपात में आपको जिनसे सुख मिलता है, उसी अनुपात में वही दुख देते हैं.
जिसका कोई नहीं उसका रब है, पर पागल मन ये देख नहीं पाता.
रिश्ते निभाओ पर रिश्तों में फंसो मत.
परवाह न कर, यहां सब टूटने वाला है.
सब तो उसका दिया है, जब चाहे वापस ले ले.
खुदा से मांग ले तू जो मागना चाहे ए अकबर,

यही वो दर है जहाँ ज़िल्लत नहीं सवाल के बाद ।

You know how to run your offices, your home and your family. But you don’t know how to handle your own mind. Isn’t it strange?
The ability to know the mind comes only with wisdom.
If you know how to handle your own mind, then the mind is your best friend, if you don’t know how to handle your mind, then the mind alone can be responsible for your destruction.
If you have fear in mind then don’t allow to spread: Instantly shout loud I am deathless, I am truth so what can scare me! See then fear melting away.
Try being soft on others, see things clearly and keep your big I deflated. Then why would anger arise……….
Life gives you situations- not solutions, Solutions are always created by your wisdom
Remember, life is your movie and you are the director of the movie. Your thoughts, perceptions and actions are the script. Change these and your movie changes.
To be successful in relationships, we must learn to blend our differences.
There are two ways to practice silence. One is through absence of thought and the other is through fullness of thought.
We need to understand that whenever a situation is there which we don’t find favorable and happy, what should we do at that time? By getting angry you just waste your energy. Anger can never give you anything productive; anger is not productive. If there is a situation, if you are in a fix, what to do? Remain calm, don’t react, just analyse & respond. It’s very easy to react.
God is not the planner and dictator of our lives. God is the energy. God is the existence.
Give respect, give greetings, give love and compliments to others – you’ll win so many hearts, you’ll make so many friends.
Mind is the tool and if one knows how to use it, then it can be of help to you in many ways. On the contrary, if one does’nt know how to use this tool then your mind becomes the devil and can make you suffer.
Difficult times come to make us strong and offer us an insight of our strengths. So when hard times come, be in gratitude and say – thanks Lord for having faith in me and giving me a chance to grow.
दुनिया में अकेले आये थे, अब साथ में भीड़ क्यों चाहिए ?
When mind is restless, breath is erratic. When breath is still, mind is still.
Life can be very hard if you are dependent emotionally on other person. Know this – do not offer space in your mind to everyone or everything.
Try being soft on others, see things clearly and keep your big I deflated. Then why would anger arise….. 🙂
खिलो सदा फूलों की तरह यूँ कि रुत पतझड़ की शरमा जाये.
When nothing works, prayers work, Keep praying.
High mountains say, rise above all pettiness, evolve and shine.
Don’t take every word heard into your mind. People speak from their prijudiced minds and negative words will bring negation towards self. Love yourself and live well.
Nothing is great like India, all countries have great infrastructure,facilities yet no country is like India. There vegetables fruit milk everything looks good but doesn’t taste great. Feel blessed that you live here.
When I see people smiling and cheering in kirtan it is great; especially then when a little while ago they were miserable. When mind changes everything changes.
It is easy to fall but difficult to rise. Weak meek choose lazy way that is to fall and brave ones choose to rise. Be a warrior.
Unrest full mind is root cause of all violence . A rested mind can’t hurt even an ant.
God doesn’t live in temples gurdwaras mosques or churches. God is in you, within you. So if you have to then worship every living body and respect yourself too as your body is abode of lord.
It is so hard not to be judgemental and so simple to judge everyone and everything. Hence everybody judges! Just look within your mind- how many dark niches grooves have been formed where demons of jealousy, greed, ego, anger, lust are lying. If you have to judge then judge your own mind and free others from your dirty tarnishing brush.
Those who are incomplete hate others and those who are engrossed in purity of divine self can only Love others. May you succeed in being with your true self.
Nobody cleans rented cars , that’s why maybe people do not take care of body as this too is rented . Take care of this as it is vehicle to live & learn.
Create moments of joy in your and in your loved ones life. Never sit and wait rather make it sure that joy is created thru dance songs or just laughter. Cheers to all.
It does not hurt to smile and ask other person how are you ? Why wait for someone else to give you smile . Be first and then you become no.1 in free.
In my pure self I am ananda hence whenever whatever turns mind inwards mind merges in oceans of pure bliss . You are what you seek that is – Ananda.
As long as the mind is stuck with the world , there is no place for true love to happen , in world you find attachments , pleasure and titillation but not love . So create space in your heart for love to happen.
When someone irritates us what should we do ? Don’t do anything , only see how can you be so weak because every person speaks according to its mentality …..  so keep your mind and mentality …… bright and enjoy …… don’t bother about those peoples .
Whenever any problem comes do  a thing – close your eyes , inhale and say aloud ” I am fearless and powerful . My lord is with me.”
Human body is a best machinery ever designed , Mechanics of this body are so intriguing and fantastic . One who designed it , call it nature or prakriti , the feminine power Durga , still it is awesome , Pranam to the divinity.
Every leaf which grows is a sign of shakti expressing itself , our body , mind , consiousness is all made , maintained and functions due to the inherent shakti . Devi in idol is just a reminder , look at the whole world around you – it is all shakti.
When you love yourself you become radiant and this pulls people towards you . When you are sorrowful depressed you emit negativity and people run away , Think !
दुख मन की रचना है, मन की जिद्द है, मन जिद्द छोड़ दे कि यही हो, तो क्या दुख और कैसा दुख.
Take care of your body – mind and enjoy juice of life. It is pure nectar.
When everyone walks on straight road – can you dare to walk in a jungle. All alone. No map. If answer is yes then you are right on path of being alive and seeking encounter with life. Don’t be too comfortable.
It is easy to frown at difficult people or situations. But once try laughing out loud at the situation. Don’t allow tension to develop nip it at bud.
When mind is busy in its nefarious affairs- desires hatred attachments ambitions lust ego Here comes one tremor of an earthquake and people run out of their homes offices leaving everything behind. Nature teaches we human a lesson – Don’t be unaware you are powerless in comparison to me. Life is precious respect it.
Do not be insensitive to pain of others especially somebody who is in a accident situation. Don’t be a mute passerby. Be human do help where ever you can and to who so ever you can.
Death strikes quickly and in a fast move. Even before person is aware death conquers life of that person. Be watchful.
Human body is temple of lord don’t make it impure with eating dead bodies of birds and animals.
If you sow a grain it becomes wheat plant – if you sow a chicken in ground would it grow into a cock or hen? Think – Be vegetarian.
Don’t use right emotions at wrong places.
Smile and share this treasure with others too.
Never keep closed mind. We don’t know everything so keep doors to learning open.
Don’t ever think you are alone in every breath which goes in it is lords grace moving in. Enjoy each breath.
Live like you own everything, Die like you had — nothing.
Love begets love. So love yourself and all universe love too will come to you.
Learn to enjoy your own company then you will never be lonely.
Widen up the window of your mind to see world in its expansive-ness. A small window means smaller view -hence lesser knowledge. Live life to its fullest possibilities.
There is no answer to certain questions like WHY. Put this one magic word with anything and trail of questions would happen and with absolutely no conclusion in sight. Try it with or on someone!
Anger spices up tongue then tongue burns everyone with volley of its burning words to all those who comes in its vicinity. Watch it.
True love can be experienced only in quite mind in – godliness. With other person it is mere sexual attraction, friendship, courtship, committed to spend life together until it is convenient. May you have your true moment of love in this life.
For Bhagwan’s statue millions are spent but for humans no mercy is shown, no thought process is given. So if lord is omniscient omnipresent then why to have only one place designated as sacred- house of god. On another note this becomes best salesmanship drive where lord is sold by humans and ignorant human spend money to have darshan. If only you could look within Lord was right there. And all forms are divine including yours.
Lord is playing game of hide and seek now rain – now sun. It’s beautiful.
Keeping mind calm is important not only for your happiness but also to keep blood pressure down. As high BP doesn’t come with any symptoms hence it can go unnoticed, which might put you at health risk. So let the worries go and focus on your breath -make it deep- now. Now means Now!
When life becomes tough don’t loose hope. Pick up yourself and say it loud to yourself -Why should I fear my lord is with me. ‘ see the magic unfolding.
May God be your inspiration motivation for moving on path of Gyana (divine knowledge). Love yourself.
Jiyo khul ke aur bebaak ho ke !
जियो खुल के और बेबाक हो के !
Live without restraints and with open heart.
Make your choice. if you wish to lead the pain free, misery free life, then learn the way to go inward And if you do not do that, then take the responsibility that your life is full of miseries, not because of a person or a situation but because of your inability and incapability to move within, Learn to go beyond mind.
When there is a bad situation deal with, it don’t run away, fume or fret. Breathe deep and do needful.
When mind is down lift up mind by stretching body with asanas. Practice and sparkle.
Be the one who brings smiles to everyones lips.
Mind complains about what it has and lusts for that which it doesnt have. This is the cause of pain and anxiety. Cherish what you have do your karma intelligently and be in the moment unconditionally.
Don’t kill any human in name of Allah, Ram or god. Accept it say it: One does it so for ones ego, hatred and vengeance. Killing a living being cannot be permissible by any guru or god.
Mind can be demon and divine too – it can be what you make it. So choose wisely.
Some people like travelling from here to there this country to that state. It is not exploring world it is running away from mind. When one doesnt want to deal with issues and problems of mind then easy way out is go and travel. Wouldn’t it be better that person deals with the mind, external situations, conditions first and once that is sorted out then surely one should see around it is a wonderful world. But do not travel blind.
Beyond the stars are more worlds There are still more tests of love- ishq Don’t be stuck in your mundane life There are more higher objectives to work on
Be fascinated with every moment as this is how one should enjoy life.
Grow muscles of brain think more, think creatively. Until intellect quietens on its own.
Keep your house meaning mind clean and your neighbourhood meaning body clean meaning healthy. Don’t have dirt in these two places.
Have a little eccentricity in you. It serves you good.
Awaken the hidden abilities give chance for it to grow.
When there is no hope, all failures and pain even then don’t panic make a resolve in mind. This too shall pass Everything changes. So this too shall pass. Never allow pessimism in mind.
When others throw stones at you. Collect all and make a nice house. Love thy enemy as they are making your house.
Be patient with others and tolerant for yourself so that you don’t become a patient.
Love everybody unconditionally and without expecting.
It is so easy to lie and so difficult to speak truth. A mind laced with greed and ego lies smoothly and swiftly. But then slips and falls flat.
In life that doesn’t happen what we want, In life that happens what we don’t want. This is called game of life, Accept it and live peacefully.
More closely one sees the world more pathetic it looks, maya is verily so fickle, changeable, transient. Enjoy it.
Dont seek happiness outside. You will fail. Just look within.
Watch your breath and observe is it smooth and without jerk? Make it deeper and slower.
When other person makes mistakes you wish to become judge and punish. But what about you when you do a mistake should others judge you and punish with same vengeance. Be compassionate to others as you wish for yourself.
One single thought can make you depressed or happy. Use this power of mind to create happiness for your ownself and others too.
Those who live in anger hurt oneself more and then others too.
Break your boundaries live with passion and compassion.
Learn to live in moment past is gone so no need to brood on past as it will spoil your present too.
When mind is filled with anger then one does bad actions and justifies it in name of justice. How crooked mind can be that it will dig a ditch throw himself in and also blame whole world for it.
When speaking a lie make person life easy or serve a selfish purpose. Then person lies with all truthfullness.
Mind can create so much suffering that like a vortex it gets engulfed in it and tortures itself alone. Be aware of this mind.
Bitterness in mind spoils everything. Never allow bitterness to linger on in mind ever.
Go and see your face in mirror- check – Are you smiling? Is their sparkle in your eyes ? Yes! Well then you are luckiest of all. If no then bring it on!
An untrained mind is dark and constructs misery for itself.
Our karmic connections bring friends and enemies in our life. So dont fight with enemy and be obsessesd with another. Scores are getting settled.
To forgive someone is a greater power then to hold anger against that person. Anger hurts you forgiveness heals you so choose wisely.
When you fight with an idiot it makes two idiots. Learn to ignore. Learn to be in your calm space.
Loose talking is best time of tamasic people, being part of that is trait of other tamasic person. Wise ones remain away from doing or listening to loose talk.
People are not bad sometimes situations are, other than acceptance there is no option. How severe difficult it might seem but still acceptance makes things easier.
Common courtesy is missing everywhere what you see is rash crass and egotistical behaviour. How wisdom less and ignoramus people have become.
As long as I is there action is there until this I goes one can’t be free from consequences of actions. The Viveka to know the true self will allow fruitless actions happening – as karma minus false identification makes a karma into kriya.
Anger burns everything. Don’t simmer in anger it will burn you only.
Life is a challenge face it, life is a instrument play it.
Be kind and give more smiles.
People behave nicely with strangers. Smile kind words, thank you, sorry. But can be rude with family and friends. Better be stranger to family & friends and we’ll all will be mutually nice kind to one another.
Some people love to be in conflict that is their lifeline. It doesn’t takes them awhile to start a controversy. Learn to be cautious don’t lend them your mind or ears.
When others analyse you know that you are a diamond who needs to be analysed. If they criticise you then know diamond needs some cutting. Be a diamond and shine.
You will not be punished for being angry. Anger alone will punish you. Be compassionate on angry person as he is already being punished.
Break your boundaries, live with passion and compassion.
If you cannot help yourself, then no one can help you.

If you will keep the company of wise friends, you too will evolve.

When mind is angry and vengeful nothing can calm that mind. It is a poison be aware don’t allow this to consume you.

A deceitful mind harms oneself and others and peaceful mind helps itself and others. First is quality of Asura and second is of Devta.

One who cheats, lies, hides, conspires is a tamasic person. Such person is leading a life below animals as they don’t have these bad traits in them. Just look in eyes of a cow or a dog or any animal or bird you will find clarity innocence in them.

Like minded people form a close link and they love to do in abundance good or bad stuff. Whatever they think is good which might be worst. Bad don’t influence good bad gets along with bad and good with good.
Lies spread by cunning people doesn’t become truth. But will be believed by negative thinkers. So watch who are you and scrutinise what you hear.
A depressed mind sees only darkness it can’t see even if a blazing sun appears in front of his eyes.
दिलबर दिल की सुनाऊँ सुनने वाला कौन है.

जामे हक़ भर भर पिलाऊँ पीने वाला कौन है?

When mind is delusional then one sees and percieves all wrong things.
Anger is child of unfulfilled desire. If there is no desire then anger can’ t be created. Reasons for anger are in you not outside of you. Change the way you think don’t try to change people change your mind.
तय हुई मंज़िलें यूँ इश्के आरज़ू की

कुछ उसने जुस्तज़ू की कुछ मैंने जुस्तज़ू की।

चली है हवा कुछ कहती है,

बदल रही है फ़िज़ा, हाँ कहती है।

यूँ ही ना रहो बेवजह मुँह लटकाए हुए,

कुछ बातें बादलों से कर लो, यह कहती है।

गुलाबों की ख़ुशबू चाहिए तो –

काँटो की चुभन के लिए भी तैयार रहना !!

Life is short, fragile and temporal don’t waste it in anger, fighting, revenge and chaos. Sort life out and live in the moment. Life is in the moment. This moment.
Dissolve your ego. Be free from this burden.
ज़िंदगी क़ीमती है सम्भाल के खर्चिये,

कौन सच में है अपना ठीक से परखिये.

जलना ही है तो अगरबती की तरह जल,

कि खुश्बू बन हवाओं मे बिखर जाओ।

If you have to burn them do so like incense stick and spread your fragrance in air। Why burn in jealousy or anger।

“कोई बहुत सताये तो क्या करें ?”

कुछ नहीं, बस यह देखो कि तुम इतने कमजोर कैसे हो गये हर मनुष्य की जैसे बुद्धि होगी, वो वैसा ही बोलेगा सो अपनी बुद्धि तेज करिये और मस्त रहिये – गुरुमाँ

समस्या है तो हल भी होगा, आज नहीं तो कल होगा,

कल नहीं तो परसों होगा, परसों नहीं तो – (साँस गहरी लो) कभी तो होगा।

जो चाहते है वो मिलता नहीं,

जो मिलता है वो कभी चाहा नहीं,

यही तो है दुखती रग – सब की

हमने तोड़ दो यही रग कब की।

हूँ आज़ाद अब कोई चाह नहीं,

मुक्त आकाश की तरह कोई आह नहीं।

खिले रहो तुम फूलों की तरह, ख़ुशबुओं को फैलाते रहो।

बीत जाएगी ज़िंदगी रोशनी में, अंधेरो को भगाते रहो।

गुलों में रंग तेरे ही, काँटों में चुभन है तेरी ही.

फूलों को चाहूँ और काँटे नहीं — ऐसी मैं ग़ुस्ताख़ कहां..

वक्त किसी का इंतज़ार नहीं करता,

थाम ले जो वक्त को होश से, वो कभी बेक़रार नहीं होता.

जितनी शिद्दत से दुनिया को चाहा तूने ए दोस्त

काश उतनी शिद्दत से ख़ुदा को चाहा होता।

जितने सिर नवाये तूने रसूखदारो के आगे

काश मुर्शिद के क़दमों में सिर झुकायें होते।

पड़ता ना रोना जार जार – बार बार तुझे

गर मोहब्बत में चंद अश्क़ बहाए होते।

























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